Bridging Web2 and Web3: Understanding the Mechanism

In Silicon Valley, a quiet yet profound evolution is underway, shaping the future of our digital lives. While Web3 garners headlines with its decentralized promises, the real game-changer is bridging it with the familiar Web2. As Cenk Sidar insightfully shares, the champions of tomorrow are those deftly uniting the two worlds, Web2 and Web3.

Enter WebUnited. At the vanguard of innovation, this Web3 virtuoso is fusing Web3’s visionary prospects with Web2’s proven reliability.

The Essence of Bridging

To bridge Web2 and Web3 is to harmonize the old with the new. At WebUnited, this isn’t a concept; it’s what we deliver. Our DNS mirroring service is a testament to this mission, allowing Web2 domains to reflect into the Web3 universe, all on the sturdy backbone of blockchain technology.

Technical Alchemy Behind the Scenes

How does this sorcery happen? Imagine a mirror reflecting two worlds. With WebUnited, domain names live a double life: one foot in the proven DNS of Web2 and another in the immutable blockchain of Web3.

Our API, reminiscent of the familiar EPP system, works in tandem with Freename technology to offer a seamless experience. At ICANN78, our CTO, Federico Costa, didn’t just talk the talk—he walked the walk. With a few clicks, he mirrored a Web2 domain on a .bond TLD right before our eyes. A simple transaction signature and voilà, a domain, was born in the blockchain realm.

Simplifying the Complex

With WebUnited, registrars wield a dual-domain management system through a singular, intuitive interface. We’ve crafted a sandbox that obscures the backend complexities—true to Web2’s philosophy of user-friendliness.

Remember, it’s not about transferring entire websites onto the blockchain. We’re talking about DNS records and crucial files—just enough to harness the power of Web3 without overwhelming the system.

Policy Bridges, Not Walls

Stability in Web2 comes from well-defined policies, something Web3 is learning to adopt. At WebUnited, we’ve mirrored more than domains; we’ve mirrored the safeguards, too. Inspired by ICANN’s rigor, we’ve established a policy framework that ensures a secure and orderly transition for everyone involved.

WebUnited For Industry Stakeholders

For Registrars: 

Unlock New Revenue Streams: WebUnited is not just a leap into the future; it’s a lucrative path for registrars. By enabling the sale of dual-capability domains, you tap into the burgeoning market of Web3 enthusiasts while retaining your Web2 customer base, effectively opening up a new revenue channel that grows as the digital landscape evolves.

Boost Customer Retention: The secret to customer loyalty is providing value that sticks. With WebUnited, registrars can offer domains that carry the promise of tomorrow’s web, ensuring customers have more reasons to renew and stay engaged, thanks to their domains’ added utility and future-proof nature.

Seamless Integration with Familiar Systems: Change can be daunting, but not with WebUnited. Our system integrates with the registrars’ existing infrastructure, akin to the EPP protocol they’re already familiar with, ensuring a smooth transition and management experience that’s both innovative and comfortable.

Diversify Product Offering: Standing out in a crowded market requires innovation. WebUnited equips registrars with a diversified product suite, including domains primed for the new digital era. This isn’t just about staying relevant; it’s about leading the charge in domain registration services.

For Registries: 

Expand Domain Capabilities: Registries can now supercharge their TLDs, propelling them into the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications. This expansion isn’t just about staying current; it’s about setting the stage for the next wave of internet usage.

Boost Wholesale Revenue: With the addition of Web3 capabilities to your TLDs, you open the door to a new segment of tech-savvy consumers and businesses looking to capitalize on the decentralized web, thereby boosting your potential for wholesale revenue generation.

Empower TLD Expansion: WebUnited enables registries to create and manage TLDs ready for the present and future web. This empowerment means being at the helm of the domain industry’s evolution, guiding it towards a more versatile and dynamic future.

Diversify Domain Utility: Unlock the potential to offer domains that do more. From tokenization to blockchain-based domain services, your TLDs can now be the tool that helps users tap into the internet’s full potential, both centralized and decentralized.

For End Users: 

One Domain, Twice The Power : Imagine a domain that’s both a home on the traditional internet and a gateway to the decentralized web. That’s the power WebUnited domains hold. Users can enjoy the credibility of Web2 with the possibilities of Web3, all under one name.

Consistent Online Presence: WebUnited ensures that their digital identity remains consistent and robust no matter where users are on the internet. This seamless presence across two web paradigms means never compromising visibility or functionality.

Trust in Transactions: The decentralization of Web3 brings enhanced security features that users can trust. By leveraging blockchain technology, transactions and interactions become more transparent and secure, fostering trust in every digital handshake.

Future-Ready Digital Identity: In a world where change is the only constant, a WebUnited domain means being prepared for whatever the digital future holds. It’s not just an identity; it’s a passport to new experiences, communities, and economies on the ever-evolving web.

By harnessing the capabilities of WebUnited, stakeholders across the spectrum — from registrars to registries, to the end-users — are empowered to navigate the digital transition to a decentralized web with confidence, ease, and the promise of growth.

WebUnited’s Mission

Our goal? To demystify and democratize Web3. Making it as approachable as buying a Web2 domain. To be the bridge on which businesses and users confidently step into the decentralized dawn. The WebUnited promise is a seamless, straightforward, and secure passage from today’s Internet to the blockchain-powered Web of tomorrow.