Empowering Registrars for the Web3 Era

Seamlessly sell and mirror domains across Web2 and Web3. Partner with us to integrate comprehensive solutions tailored for forward-thinking registrars and registries.

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For Registrars

Sell Web3 Domains with Ease.

Equip your platform with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, enabling you to offer Web3 domains directly to your end users. Enhance your service offerings, capture a growing market segment, and provide a seamless experience, all without the complexities of traditional Web3 integrations.

For Registries

Mirror your TLDs to Web3.

Unlock the advantages of mirrored Web3 TLDs. By reflecting your traditional TLD in the decentralized web, you offer end users enhanced capabilities. Ensure your TLDs remain at the forefront of digital evolution, reaping the benefits of both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

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Advanced Domain Management Suite.

Experience next-generation domain management with our intuitive backoffice application. Gain comprehensive control over domains, security settings, DNS abuse measures, and more. Crafted with the power of Web3, our solution offers enhanced flexibility, robust blacklist/whitelist mechanisms, and unparalleled security, ensuring you manage with confidence your new domain registrations.

Experienced Team

Dedicated professionals with deep domain & Web3 expertise, driving innovative solutions.

Standard Web compliant

Fully aligned with global standards, ensuring native resolution on all browsers, DNS and IMAP servers.

Robust Infrastructure

State-of-the-art systems guaranteeing stability, scalability, and optimum performance.


Versatility across diverse blockchains, ensuring adaptability and wider reach.

High ROI

Invest in a future-ready solution, promising substantial returns and business growth.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance, ensuring uninterrupted service and immediate query resolution.


Be Part of the Web3 Revolution

Join forces with us, and together we’ll shape the future of domain management. Harness the power, security, and innovation of the decentralized web.



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