What is WebUnited?

Imagine standing on the cusp of a digital revolution, where the realm of the internet is no longer a jigsaw of isolated islands but a seamlessly interconnected universe. The buzz around Web3, what from WebUnited was born, isn’t just hype; it’s the pulse of a new, digital frontier that’s rapidly gaining momentum. Yet, for all its promise, the bedrock of our digital experiences—Web2—remains as enduring and indispensable as ever. 

Now, picture a world where these two digital eras aren’t just parallel lines that never meet, but are intricately woven together in a tapestry of innovation. That’s where WebUnited steps in. A visionary technology that forges a path between the familiarity of Web2 and the uncharted territories of Web3. It is a product of a strategic alliance between Freename, a trailblazer in Web3 domains, and ShortDot, a titan in the realm of Web2 TLDs, WebUnited stands as a sentinel at the dawn of this digital convergence.

With WebUnited, we’re not just spectators of the digital evolution. We become part of a new narrative that transforms the way we interact with the internet. In fact, it’s a paradigm shift, akin to the way the iconic Golden Gate Bridge united San Francisco with Marin County. It was forever changing the dynamics of connection and community. This is not just an enhancement of the internet experience. It’s a renaissance of connectivity, and you can be part of this monumental journey. Welcome to our very first blog post, where we unravel the fabric of this new digital cosmos with WebUnited at the helm. Let’s dive in.

Mission and Vision

WebUnited aims to simplify the digital transition by seamlessly integrating blockchain Web3 technology with existing DNS-based Web2 domains. The driving force behind WebUnited is a team of industry veterans with decades of experience in both the blockchain and domain industries. Their passion lies in paving the way for next-gen web solutions that merge the capabilities of Web3 with the security and stability of Web2. 

The long-term vision of WebUnited is to create a secure, user-friendly, and pioneering solution that drives the evolution of domain names. Their commitment is to enhance the user experience and ensure the internet remains a safe and secure space for everyone.

Bridging the Gap – Opportunity for Key Stakeholders

WebUnited offers innovative solutions that integrate Web3 blockchain technology with existing Web2 domains. Consequently, it combines the advantages of the decentralized web with the reliability of existing Web2 standards. This approach ensures a smooth transition for end-users, who can have one online presence mirrored across traditional DNS systems and the blockchain.

WebUnited presents a range of opportunities for different stakeholders:


For Registrars: The Road to Growth

  • Unlocking New Revenue Streams: By integrating Web3 domain services, registrars open the door to additional income. They are offering cutting-edge technology to their existing customer base, enhancing value and modernizing their service offerings.
  • Boosting Customer Retention: The fusion of WebUnited extensions with current domain names encourages customer loyalty. That is because of a combined service that increases the perceived value and utility, thereby improving renewal rates.
  • Seamless Integration: The use of an API that replicates the traditional EPP system allows for a familiar and unproblematic integration into registrars’ existing systems, thus facilitating a straightforward transition to advanced domain management.
  • Enhanced Product Offering: Registrars can now also offer a more diverse and future-proof range of products. That includes domain names that are primed for the evolving digital economy and its associated technologies.


For Registries: Maximizing Potential

  • Expanding Domain Capabilities: Registries can now supercharge traditional Web2 domains with Web3 features. Those features are smart contracts, enabling a new level of domain functionality and interaction.
  • Wholesale Revenue Growth: By mirroring their domain extensions into the Web3 space, registries amplify their potential revenue, by tapping into the burgeoning market of blockchain and cryptocurrency users.
  • Empowering TLD Expansion: Registries are given the tools to launch their own Web3 Top-Level Domains (TLDs). They conform to Web2 standards, positioning themselves at the forefront of domain innovation.
  • Diversification of Domain Utility: The introduction of features like domain fractionalization and rentability offers registries a chance to innovate within the domain marketplace, catering to a broader audience and newer use cases.

End Users

For End Users: Empowerment through Innovation

  • One Domain, Twice The Power: End users receive the benefit of a versatile domain. It operates across both Web2 and Web3, allowing a single point of contact for a variety of online activities, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Consistent Online Presence: DNS mirroring ensures that the user’s online identity remains stable and accessible. That is regardless of whether they are interacting with Web2 or Web3 platforms, simplifying the internet experience.
  • Fostering Trust in Transactions: The integration of blockchain technology with traditional domains promises to bring enhanced security and trust to transactions and interactions conducted by the user.
  • Future-Ready Digital Identity: Users are equipped with a digital identity that is ready for the next generation of the internet. It ensures that they remain ahead of the curve as technology continues to evolve.

How WebUnited Works

  1. The WebUnited Approach: Simplicity Meets Innovation
  2. WebUnited champions a user-centric approach where simplicity and familiarity are the cornerstones:
  3. Familiarity and Ease of Integration: We extend Web3 domains via our registrar partners, thus facilitating seamless registrations for end-users. The integration is intuitive, supported by a robust back-end system for domain registration, renewal, and management.
  4. Transparent Conflict Resolution: To safeguard against potential conflicts, WebUnited has also instituted transparent mechanisms, echoing the established policies on trademark protection and DNS abuse prevention.
  5. Robust Network and Seamless Integration: We collaborate with a network of accredited registrars akin to the well-known ICANN network. Our API, akin to the conventional EPP system, supports registrars in the registration, renewal, and comprehensive management of Web3 domain names.
  6. Standardization and Compliance: Adhering to standardized naming conventions and policies is at our core, guaranteeing the uniqueness and recognizability of domain names, in line with ICANN’s rigorous guidelines.


WebUnited is a groundbreaking solution that aims to create a seamless bridge between Web2 and Web3. In this way it offers a unique internet experience for both individuals and enterprises. Its user-friendly approach and commitment to excellence promise to revolutionize how we think about domains. 

This new technology offers a promising future where Web2 and Web3 coexist harmoniously. As a result, it unlocks untapped revenue streams and delivers unbroken domain management experiences. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in the ever-expanding digital world.